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Solar Sign and Security Lighting
Did you know that you can finance a solar-powered sign lighting solution?
Transit-Shelter Lighting Kit
EcoLiteco’s solar retrofit kits, along with our turnkey extruded sign cabinet and kit bundles, provide customers with an affordable sign or security lighting solution that can be delivered and setup anywhere in the world. Due to our proprietary, advanced-technology solar / battery / LED charge controllers engineered with automatic dusk-to-dawn or designated time activation; our systems can be permanently placed in remote locations or easily relocated to suit changing needs. 
All EcoLiteco alternative-energy sign lighting solutions can be installed in a matter of hours by local personnel. Our designs offer uncomplicated installation, serviceability and efficiencies unlike any other comparable product offering. Our off-grid solar lighting solutions can be implemented quickly and affordably with minimal upfront expense and a 100% reduction in monthly energy costs! In the time it takes for traditional AC power to be located at a sign or security lighting site, an EcoLiteco solar solution can already be installed generating light for nighttime advertising, public safety or location assistance. 
Since EcoLiteco's solar solutions are 100% battery powered, they can be sized and customized for any project and budget. Now, visually impactful nighttime advertising or security lighting can be placed anywhere the sun shines!
Solar Backlit Sign Lighting
EcoLiteco offers portable solar kits for retrofitting any pole, pylon, channel letter or monument sign from no power or AC to solar power.  Along with 'al-la-carte parts for D-I-Yers, our compact, portable solar  lighting kits include a small-form enclosure that houses the solar panel, batteries and our advanced solar charge controller. Simply put, everything needed to disconnect signage and lighting from electric needed to disconnect signage and lighting from electric power! 
Solar Transit-Shelter Lighting
EcoLiteco offers two solar-powered lighting solutions for transit shelter advertising marquees and security. Simply locating AC power to a transit shelter can present many challenges and can take months. EcoLiteco eliminates all these hassles and the high cost associated with AC; our solar power kits are designed to meet any sized transit shelter lighting requirement regardless of geographic location.
Solar Flood Lighting
Locating traditional AC power to a entrance sign for beautification or location assistance can be time consuming and cost prohibitive. Now, previously dark monument signs can be brightly lit at night - even in the middle of a highway median or remote entrance to a community - without the expense and hassle of locating electrical power.   The kit’s compact enclosure can be mounted to a pre-fab concrete base. Quick connection of  the LED and battery wires and voilà, the job is done! 
Solar Turnkey Pole and Monument Signs
EcoLiteco also offers custom turnkey solar extruded sign cabinet and kit bundles. Our hassle-free systems come with a highly-visible one or two-sided illuminated impression area, a solar charge controller, batteries and a solar panel.  Now, custom graphics and messaging can be brightly and colorfully displayed in the most strategic location at night, without location or electrical power restrictions and expense.
EcoLiteco Solar Flood Lighting Kit
EcoLiteco Solar Transit Shelter Lighting Kit
EcoLiteco Solar Backlit Sign Lighting Kit
Solar Turnkey Pole, Pylon or Monument Signs