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The Most Efficient, Flexible and Powerful All-in-One Solar Energy Storage Platform for Home and Small Business Available Today!

Florida Law Stops HOA's from Preventing Solar Panel Installation!

Contactless Proposals Available!

Imagine living on an island and producing power without a local utility hook up. Imagine no more, with the help of an EcoLiteco solar power expert and a PWRcell solar/battery-powered system from Generac you can create your own home or business standalone energy-powered island! 

The Future is Here...

Within the next five years, 90% of all home and small business solar systems will offer battery storage with backup power options. So, why not start now with a world-class PWRcell solution from Generac, the leader in home and business backup generators for over 60 years; and EcoLiteco, leaders in solar power for over 20 years.

What is Generac's PWRcell...

Generac's PWRcell is home and small business solar energy battery storage made simple. The PWRcell is an intelligent power storage system equipped with PWRview energy monitoring technology. The PWRcell protects homeowners during times of power outage; but more importantly, it allows time-


shifting of hourly energy usage to save on utility energy costs. The PWRcell seamlessly connects and communicates with  other PWRcell products via REbus, Generac’s patented DC nanogrid bus. The total solution allows customers to

  • Use the stored solar energy in batteries day or night

  • Lower energy bills and avoid peak rates

  • Protect the home and family during power outages

  • Gain greater independence from the local utility

The PWRcell Energy Storage System is the first fully integrated solar plus storage solution that is an efficient, flexible and powerful all-in-one platform for future-proof solar. Its fully  integrated operating system of components means a seamless installation and customer experience, all from the biggest name in residential backup power. The system will access up to 8kW of continuous output, which is abundant enough to run most homes and small businesses. In addition, the PWRcell provides up to 12kW of surge power, enough to start an air handler or sump pump. Truly scalable, the PWRcell storage system is easily configurable from 8.6kWh to 17.1kWh. This industry-leading capacity and efficiency is built around a DC-coupled architecture that charges and discharges more efficiently than any other competitor, resulting in more energy available for use. All five of the different sized solution options are engineered to be lightweight and modular for fast installations.

What is Generac's PWRview Energy Monitoring...

The PWRview Energy Monitoring solution works in concert with PWRcell to provide customers with valuable insights and engagement. This robust application can be easily installed on a smart phone or PC to deliver accessible and intuitive real-time energy information. This empowers the user the ability to understand energy usage patterns, the performance of the PWRcell system and the savings realized daily. The PWRview's at-a-glance visual shows real-time energy usage, giving meaningful point of reference matrix to aid in improving usage strategies. 

Man with Application.tif

Now, home and small businesses can gain a better grasp of their property’s energy profile. The PWRview application shows multiple layers of data to help make informed decisions and to detect and explore trends while and before they happen. This eliminates surprises to help keep energy spending in check with detailed bill tracking, forecasting and historical data. This daily energy intelligence insight can be viewed on a user-friendly dashboard showing daily consumption, solar generation and battery usage, along with bill estimates and savings.

Why You Should Select EcoLiteco....

EcoLiteco's team, pioneers in solar power and other advanced-technology, takes pride in delivering world-class solutions to both our home and business customers. Our team of solar experts strive to explain PWRcell technology by teaching how the system works and how utility costs can be defrayed by leveraging the PWRcell technology.

How to Get Started...

The first step is to call an EcoLiteco representative today.  Without the need for a site visit, our professionals are able to work with each customer to further understand how the Generac PWRcell solution best meets their technological and budgetary requirements. Next, a representative will then

remotely start an analysis of the property by utilizing a satellite measurement tool to take near-perfect roof measurements. Extremely accurate, this tool along with other sophisticated applications help us determine 1) solar panel layout options, 2) the customer’s monthly (12-to-24 months) utility bill, 3) location specific utility rates and on/off peak pricing, 4) a one-mile radius sampling of comparable property monthly utility bills, and 5) budgetary requirements to maximize the PRWcell's


capabilities. The ultimate goal of our analysis is to outline our deliverables and to set the proper level of expectations for return-on-investment for our customers.

The best-in class PWRcell solution from Generac is truly the most integrated, solar plus storage platform, with seamless home/small business management capabilities, offered in the world today. At EcoLiteco,


we take pride in knowing that as a certified Generac PWRcell dealer, we are part of a trusted Fortune 1000 brand global enterprise; with more than two million backup power systems installed, through the hard work of over 5,800 employees. EcoLiteco's seasoned solar experts, look forward to speaking with you about how we can help you move into the future of solar power today. Please give us a call at (954) 931-2000, or send us an e-mail at to get started.

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Generac PWRcell
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