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EcoLiteco Solar Billboard Lighting
Solar Bulletin Board Lighting
Solar Sign-Vue LED Lighting
Solar Poster Board Lighting
Solar Double-sided Billboard Lighting
Solar Lighting Rural Billboard
Solar Billboard Advertising Lighting
Solar Billboard in Oklahoma
Solar-Powered Sign-Vue LED
Billboard Lighting Kit
Bulletin Board Lighting Kit
Holophane Panel-Vue Solar-Powered Lighting
Las Vegas Solar Billboard Lighting
Solar Billboard Lighting
Did you know that you can finance a solar-powered lighting solution with four (4) Holophane Panel-Vue® or Sign-Vue® LED Luminaires for less than $249.00 a month?
EcoLiteco solar-power lighting solutions can be implemented quickly and easily with minimal upfront expense. Once in place there are zero monthly energy costs because battery operation eliminates all AC requirements.
Locating traditional AC power to a billboard location can cost thousands of dollars.  Extremely remote locations like country roads are often cost prohibitive. EcoLiteco’s solar lighting solutions can be implemented in days, not weeks or months. A typical installation takes less than a day and can be performed by local billboard owners and/or their contractors. Our kits are shipped direct to the customer with easy to follow installation instructions thoroughly outlined and specific to every kit.
Another incentive for billboard owners to consider solar billboard lighting is the availability of alternative energy federal grants, tax incentives and utility rebates. In certain markets, alternative energy rebates are available that consider all of the components of the solution’s acquisition costs. 
Even though our solutions employ complex engineering and technology, we have significantly uncomplicated our designs for customers. At the core of these designs are EcoLiteco’s proprietary, intuitive lighting controllers. Integration with marine-grade electronic components, long-life solar panels, durable wind turbines, wide-temperature range batteries and industry leading LEDs make EcoLiteco’s billboard lighting systems the first choice of industry experts!
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EcoLiteco's multi-directional solar panel bracket can be rotated periodically to optimize sun exposure and makes installation an breeze!  

EcoLiteco Solar Single-sided Poster Ligh
Solar Single-Sided Poster Billboard Lighting Kit
EcoLiteco Solar Single-sided Billboard L
Solar Single-Sided Bulletin Billboard Lighting Kit
EcoLiteco Solar Double-sided Billboard L
Solar Double-sided Bulletin Billboard Lighting Kit
EcoLiteco Solar XL Double-sided Billboar
Solar XL Double-sided Bulletin Billboard  Lighting Kit
12 or 24-Volt DC Solar Lighting Controller
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