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Solar Power for Home & Small Business with Backup Battery Storage

Solar Billboard, Business, Roadway & Transit-Shelter Sign & Security Lighting

Underwater LED RGB

Color-Changing Lighting

Make a Positive Impact with EcoLiteco's Solar Home and Business Power and Other Innovative Lighting Solutions!
EcoLiteco's team, pioneers in solar and wireless technology, have combined years of advanced-technology experience with thoughtful partnerships to create a unique solar power and solar LED lighting product line. Utilizing only the highest-quality electronics and materials available, our products are recognized as best in class.
EcoLiteco's Solutions Include:
Solar Home and Business Power  //  Solar Roadway Guide, Poster/Bulletin Billboard and Business-Front Sign Lighting Kits  //  Solar Transit-Shelter Lighting Kits  // Solar Turnkey Signs  //  Solar Security Lighting  //   Underwater Dock,  Marina, Pier, Bridge, Fountain, Water's Edge Restaurant and Other Waterfront Property Lighting  
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Contactless Proposals Available!

Solar  Power for Home and Small Business with Backup Battery Storage


Now it pays to own an EcoLiteco home or small business PWRcell solar solution built by Generac®, a world leader in generator power for over 60 years.  Simply put, instead of paying the local utility for 100% of electric usage, our solution's solar panels charge batteries that power select zones of a building, equating to lower utility bills!  This fully integrated solar/battery power storage design also allows end users the ability to view and manage their daily power usage on a phone/PC application. 


Equally important, when power outages occur, our solutions enable the batteries to take over as the main power source for the property - and the best part is everything happens automatically in the blink of an eye! As the only truly scalable solar power battery storage option for home and small business available today, PWRcell is the smart choice!


Solar Billboard, Business, Roadway & Transit-Shelter Sign & Security Lighting

In the time it takes for traditional AC power to be located to a site, an EcoLiteco solar lighting solution can already be in place providing public information, generating advertising revenue or adding security. EcoLiteco's affordable off-grid solar and battery-powered solutions can be sized and customized to meet any poster/bulletin billboard, business-front, roadway guide and transit-shelter sign or security lighting budgetary requirement. Our designs offer uncomplicated installation, serviceability and efficiencies unlike any comparable AC product.

Reasons to Acquire an EcoLiteco Lighting Solar Solution:

  • ​Eliminates buried utility damage and delays

  • Completely automatic - 365-days of dusk-to-dawn or user programmable on/off settings

  • Prevents loss of lighting due to power outages

  • ​Enables placement in strategic and remote locations

  • ​Zero AC utility energy costs, plus rebates/incentives!

  • Significantly reduces installation costs; such as, AC locates, trenching, equipment and associated professional fees 

  • ​Installs in hours, not days, weeks or months

  • Eliminates land lease fees for power to cross properties



Underwater LED RGB Color-Changing Lighting

If you are looking for the brightest, most durable and advanced-technology underwater lights available in the market today, look no further.  Our industry leading standard color and DVI/RGB-capable color-changing LEDs boast 15,000 lumens and 30,000-lamp hours. The light's housing is made of solid-core aluminum bronze with a borosilicate glass lens; specifically built for harsh, saltwater environments.

Other mind-blowing technology found in our lights includes the ability to assign individual RGB LEDs an IP address. This allows users to program on/off schedules and fixed or random color schemes to  display thousands of vivid colors.  Utilizing any smartphone or PC, the LEDs programming application also enables control of the LEDs from anywhere in the world.


For longevity and effortless installation, our kits include fully assembled NEMA-rated electronic enclosures, LEDs built with custom wire runs up to 100 feet, powder-coated aluminum mounting brackets, stainless-steel hardware and more. EcoLiteco guarantees a local electrician, dock builder, facilities manager or DIY enthusiast can install our lighting kit with ease!

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