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About Us
EcoLiteco's team, pioneers in solar-power and wireless technology, have combined years of advanced-technology experience with our practical know-how of solar power-management, LED lighting and metal fabrication to create a unique product and solution offering. This includes solar-powered home and small-business power; sign, billboard and transit shelter lighting for advertising, beautification and security. Rounding out the line, our underwater and horticulture grow lighting products are recognized worldwide as best in class.
Hillsboro Inlet
With an emphasis on quick assembly and installation, highest quality, low-maintenance parts and affordability, our solar products stand up to any comparable AC product. Not needing to rely on electricity, these products eliminate yearly energy and electrical equipment and trenching cost, and typically qualify for energy rebates and incentives.  Now, home and business power, exterior signage and lighting can be placed in strategic and remote locations.
To enhance our solar solutions, EcoLiteco's Underwater Dock and Horticulture Lighting products offer our customers an easy and affordable way to enhance settings, improve efficiencies, lower cost and increase business revenue. The benefits and savings experienced from our cutting-edge lighting products will make anyone wish they had made the change sooner!
EcoLiteco's team is committed to a thorough consultation with each customer regarding their solar or lighting project - large or small - to facilitate understanding of technology options and to clarify investment and savings expectations. We understand that it is not solely about the acquisition cost, it’s also about the total return on investment!
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