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Sign-Vue LED Solar Lighting
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Transit-Shelter Advertisement Solar Lighting
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Highway Guide Sign Solar Lighting
Transit-Shelter Solar Lighting Kit
Solar Roadway Guide Sign & Transit-Shelter Lighting
Solar Roadway Guide Sign and Transit-Shelter Lighting Kits for Public Information and Safety

Professional roadway lighting engineers and contractors have long relied on Holophane Panel-Vue™ and Sign-Vue™ LEDs to deliver guaranteed performance for even the most demanding of environments.  Yet, locating these LEDs in remote locations often bring challenges too great to overcome. Just locating power to a remote roadway sign can be complex, burdensome, time consuming  and all together cost prohibitive. That is until now!


At EcoLiteco, we have eliminated the barrier of locating AC along remote highways for sign lighting with our proven solar-powered, off-grid lighting kits. Our team have been deploying solar-powered integrated-solar solutions along highways since 1998. This is why we know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two; and what we know better than any other comparable solar solution company is how to design solutions that limit installation time and errors in the field! Our designs also need to be 

bullet proof, long-life products and easily serviceable. Bottom line, our kits are an uncomplicated way to address roadway lighting anywhere the sun shines!


Our engineering team leveraged our experience lighting the same Holophane Sign-Vue™ and Panel-Vue™ LEDs for the outdoor advertising (billboard) market for our new offering of roadway guide sign lighting kits. Even though our solutions employ complex engineering and technology, are designs are uncomplicated - only a few turnkey components are required for installation. These proven solar kits are 100% battery powered, cost zero in AC energy and can be installed in a half-day. Just remember the next time you are faced with a remote location sign lighting project…in the time it takes for traditional AC power to be located at a remote roadway guide sign site, an EcoLiteco Solar Guide Sign Lighting Kit can already be in place generating nighttime information and safety lighting!


An EcoLiteco Roadway Guide Sign Lighting Kit is available in a two light turnkey, modular configuration - complete with all the hardware and easy installation guidelines. The kit also includes our ruggedized multi-directional solar panel bracket that once mounted, swivels 150 degrees in all directions to maximize yearly sun exposure. This bracket significantly reduces installation time and makes proper angle and tilt easy to setup and setup.

So, whether you need to power 1 or 20 Sign-Vue roadway LEDs, EcoLiteco can easily design a kit to meet your project’s lighting and budget requirements. To find out more about how an EcoLiteco solar roadway lighting solution can benefit your organization, give us a call today!

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EcoLiteco's multi-directional solar panel bracket can be rotated periodically to optimize sun exposure and makes installation an breeze!  

EcoLiteco Solar Transit-shelter Lighting
Solar Flush-mount Transit-Shelter Lighting Kit
EcoLiteco Solar Pole-mount Transit-shelt
Solar Pole-mount Transit-Shelter Lighting Kit
EcoLiteco Solar Roadway Guide Sign Light
Solar Roadway Guide Sign Lighting Kit
EcoLiteco Solar XL Roadway Guide Sign Li
Solar XL Roadway Guide Sign  Lighting Kit
12 or 24-Volt DC Solar Lighting Controller
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