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Solar DC Lighting Controllers
EcoLiteco 24-Volt DC Lighting Controller
At the core of all our solar solutions is our proprietary, intuitive Solar / Battery / LED Lighting Controllers. Automatic sign lighting can be user-programmed for designated times or from dusk-to-dawn.  With operation, protection and safety features that go way beyond competitive products, our controllers increase battery life by preventing overcharging; prevent power loss back into the solar modules at night; control and conserve energy (battery standby power consumption is minimal); monitor over temperature for automatic shutdown; provide seven user-programmable automatic settings; protect from improper battery removal and short circuit overvoltage.
Create an independent solar-power source for 12 and 24-volt DC LEDs. Now, power lighting in remote locations along highways and commercial properties with solar and battery power using EcoLiteco’s intuitive controllers. All EcoLiteco controllers have more built in protection and safety features than any other controller in the market today.
All EcoLiteco solar lighting controllers, converters and signal inverters are built in North America and made specifically to address DC-power lighting requirements. Our current controllers include: 12 VDC: 10 Amps, and 24 VDC: 20-100 Amps. Standard Controller Features Include: micro-processor driven, programmable voltage set points, automatic temperature shutdown, built in blocking diode, battery removal and over-current protection, LED status indicators, pulse width modulation charging method, fully epoxy encapsulated, stainless steel enclosure and more.
12-Volt DC Solar Lighting Controller
24-Volt DC Lighting Controllers
24-Volt DC Lighting Controller Assembly
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