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Underwater Dock Lighting Fort Lauderdale
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Underwater Dock Lights
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Create Your Own Underwater Paradise...
EcoLiteco’s world-class underwater light kits serve both residential and commercial markets of any size. We offer small DIY kits for residential customers and engineered turnkey kits for marinas, municipal waterfronts, piers, city docks, bridges, water’s edge restaurants, fountains and more. So, if you are building new or renovating an older water-front property, make sure to give us a call early in the design phase. Our team is here to help you plan ahead.
EcoLiteco's robust  underwater dock lights are designed to withstand harsh salt-water environments. The LED’s fixture is constructed with a corrosion-resistant aluminum-bronze housing, impact-resistant marine-grade borosilicate-glass lens and stainless-steel hardware to ensure 100% waterproofing. The 
LED’s beam angle and superior light penetration/ dispersion (depending on water clarity, light beam can reach up to 50 feet) make these underwater lights the brightest, longest-lasting, and reliable underwater LEDs available. Engineered with the latest high-density chip technology, GFCI protection and boasting impressive industry-leading 15,000 lumens and over 30,000 hours of operation, our lights are fully featured and technically superior to any other comparable product! 

Wouldn’t it be great to view and control your dock lighting color schemes remotely from anywhere in the world? Now you do just that!  Our DVI-capable RGB LEDS provide the ability to select pre-programmed color zones to broadcast thousands of color combinations from a smartphone connected to a Nicolaudie Stick DE3. 

RGB and Controller.tif

The feature rich Stick DE3 has been designed to provide a control solution for the most demanding of projects and yet is easy enough for anyone to use. Scroll around a touch sensitive wheel to change the dimmer to brighten/darken and adjust saturation, change hue by selecting from over 16 million colors, speed up and slow down for color-changine effect, and select from up to 50 static or dynamic scenes.  Choose your zone and run up to 10 scenes simultaneously. 

Offered in blue, green, white and color-changing RGB, our LEDs are the most advanced underwater lights available. These vibrant LEDs bring extra fun to nighttime swimming, fishing and other watersports; while enhancing safety, security and beauty to any waterfront marine park, restaurant, drinking establishment or home property to create an underwater paradise!


Solar Panel Kits for Dock Lighting

No power, no problem. Effortlessly create an independent solar-power source for any sized dock lighting project with an EcoLiteco Solar Kit. Available in standard or custom sizes, each kit’s marine-grade electronics are housed in a durable, weather-proof aluminum enclosure. We offer flush dock surface or piling mount stainless-steel LED options in Amber, Blue, Green and White. 

At the core of our solar kits are EcoLiteco’s proprietary ruggedized solar lighting controllers. Our controllers are engineered with the most advanced features that include: Micro-processor driven circuitry programmed to maximize battery-life and protect photovoltaic (PV) solar panels against short-circuit and reverse polarity overload. The controllers’ automatic dusk-to-dawn or select time-frame on/off settings make night-time lighting operation effortless.

Underwater Dock Light Kits
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