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Solar Wallscape Lighting Kit
EcoLiteco Solar Wallscape Lighting Kit..

Kit Sized for One LED

One (1) Solar Panel:

  • 310-Watt, 24-Volt


Two (2) Batteries:

  • 12-Volt DC, 115AH, Deep-Cycle AGM


One (1) Solar Lighting Controller (see specs. for full details):

  • 24-Volt, 20-Amp DC Core Controller

  • Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn or Two On/Off Time Frames Per Day (call for specifications for site’s geographic area)

  • NEMA-Rated, Polycarbonate Controller Case

One (1) Component Enclosure:

  • 36”H x 62”W x 21”D Crush/Corrosion-Resistant, Anodized-Aluminum (Mill Finish)

  • Two (2) Air Vents with Bug Screening

  • Four (4) Vented, Locking Drain Plugs

  • Tamper-Resistant, Stainless-Steel Hardware


  • One (1) 65-Watt, 24-Volt, 2.5 Amp DC Panel-Vue® or Sign-Vue® LED

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