Solar-Powered Lighting and Signs

Solar-Powered Exterior Lighting and Signs 


EcoLiteco’s exterior and interior lighting solutions are designed using proven, best-of-class products that can be easily integrated to meet any requirement. Our team is committed to a thorough consultation with each customer regarding their lighting requirements, to facilitate understanding of technology options and to clarify investment and savings expectations. We understand that it is not solely about the acquisition cost, it’s about the total return on investment!

With this return on investment  at the forefront, EcoLiteco has developed solar and wind solutions that are offered in turnkey kits or àl-la-carte, are completely independent of any AC source, and can be installed in as little as a few hours.  Simply put, in most cases, a solar or solar and wind solution is significantly more affordable and quicker to locate, and can lead to the generation of advertising revenue well before an AC solution is even scheduled for install!

From solar or dual-charging solar and wind battery-powered solutions to lighting commercial signs, billboards and roadway information markers; to implementing scientifically-correct interiorlighting in restaurant, retail  and business facilities; EcoLiteco’s new  and retrofit solutions will meet all of your sign and lighting needs!


Solar Signs – Custom, Entrance and Map Reader Signs

Solar and Wind Billboard Lighting – Standard and Hybrid Solutions

Sign and Lighting Retrofits – Solar, Wind and AC / DC: Bus Shelter, Channel Letter, Parapet and Signs

Sky White Interior Lighting – Scientifically Correct Florescent and LED Tubes


Reasons to Acquire an EcoLiteco Solar and Wind Powered Solution:

          • Eliminates electrical equipment, trenching and need for licensed electricians
          • Zeros out yearly energy costs
          • Significantly reduces installation costs
          • Notably lessens the arduous permitting process
          • Prevents loss of sign light due to power outages
          • Enables placement in strategic and remote locations
          • Can be maintained by sign owners versus costly electricians
          • Permits portability for relocation and temporary applications

No Power, No Problem!

Turn On the Lights with Solar and Wind!

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