Solar and Solar & Wind Lighting
In the time it takes for traditional AC power to be located to a site, an EcoLiteco solar or solar and wind lighting solution can already be in place generating advertising revenue or adding to security.
EcoLiteco’s affordable off-grid solar or solar and wind and battery-powered lighting solutions can be sized and customized to meet any commercial billboard, sign, transit shelter and remote lighting budgetary requirement. Our designs offer uncomplicated installation, serviceability and efficiencies unlike any comparable AC product.
  • Eliminates fees for power lines to cross properties
  • Prevents loss of sign light due to power outages
  • Enables placement in strategic and remote locations
  • Zeros out yearly AC energy costs!
Reasons to Acquire an EcoLiteco Solar Lighting Solution
  • Significantly reduces installation costs; such as, AC locates, trenching, equipment and associated professional fees 
  • Installs in hours, not days, weeks or months
  • Completely automatic - 365-days of dusk-to-dawn or user programmable on/off settings
Solar or Solar & Wind
Poster and Billboard Lighting
Locating traditional AC power to a poster or billboard location can cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. EcoLiteco's solar and solar and wind poster and billboard lighting solutions offer customers an alternative to this expensive venture with our affordable kits. Our compact kits were designed for effortless installation, serviceability, longevity, and minimal upfront expense so that our customers can implement advertisement board lighting anywhere the sun shines!  Best of all, once in place zero monthly energy costs and additional nighttime advertising dollars can quickly lead to a significant revenue increase. EcoLiteco's products are designed for effortless installation, serviceability, longevity and are portable enough to be shipped anywhere in the world. 
Sign and Security Lighting
EcoLiteco also offers solar lighting retrofit kits for any backlit, floodlight or security lighting application. In addition, our turnkey extruded sign cabinet and kit bundles can be customized with colorful graphics and painted  to match any aesthetic. From small floodlit community  entrance sign lighting to large-scale  monuments, EcoLiteco has a solar lighting solution that is just right for the job. Regardless of whether a sign is being retrofitted or one of our turnkey kit bundles is acquired, our solar lighting kits offer customer's an easy, affordable way to disconnect from expensive and often unavailable AC. Simply put, everything needed to disconnect lighting from electric power! 
At the core of all our solar solutions is our proprietary, intuitive Solar/Battery/LED Charge Controllers.  Automatic sign lighting can be user-programmed for designated times or from dusk-to-dawn.  With operation, protection and safety features that go way beyond competitive products, our charge controllers are best in class.
EcoLiteco's lighting solutions offer customer's an easy and affordable way to place signage and lighting anywhere the sunshines!
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