Nature-Inspired Chandeliers and
 Lumilux SKYWHITE® Tube Lamps Interior Lighting
EcoLiteco’s handcrafted chandeliers are an elegant way to bring fun and vivid color to any home, restaurant or office. Whether you select one our standard creations or commission a piece based on your own inspiration, our designs are a unique and affordable alternative to the traditional lighting products available in today’s market.
Each of the chandeliers’ motif pieces are hand-formed from durable porcelain.  They are then strung on sturdy braided stainless-steel and nylon-coated wire to ensure years of longevity. The strands are then attached to a sturdy, white acrylic surface and a durable powder-coated aluminum fixture that is weather-resistant, UV-resistant, rust-resistant, anti-graffiti, anti-scratch, antimicrobial and TGIC free (non-toxic). The chandeliers are available in either a pendant or flush-mount installation style. 
A universal Red/Green/Blue (RGB) wireless handheld remote is included to control static, dimmable color modes; along with individually selectable dynamic color-changing modes of speed, brightness, play/pause and on/off, making operation convenient and fun. Since the LED modules used in the fixture stay cool to the touch, have a lifetime of 22,000+ hours, and use insignificant energy; all of EcoLiteco’s Sweber lighting is safe, economical and eco-friendly too!
Light Up Your Imagination
this technologically advanced lighting include: restaurant kitchens and dining areas, office buildings, educational environments, retail stores, medical facilities and pharmacies, home improvement and grocery stores, industrial plants and production facilities just to name a few..
A New Dimension in Light Color that Activates and Motivates - Our technologically-advanced SKYWHITE® fluorescent T8 tubes present 880 light color and 8000K color temperature for good color rendering and impressive quality of light. The lamps emit a large proportion of blue light in the wavelength range from 410 to 460 nm and therefore come very close to the character of natural daylight. In turn, contrast is improved and eye strain and visual fatigue are reduced, boosting mental and physical performance. Equally as impressive are SKYWHITE’S high-luminous flux and high efficiency.
SKYWHITE® T8 tube lamps boost human activity and promote a feeling of well-being, but they also improve facility appearance, employee health and customer experience. SKYWHITE® should be the first and only choice wherever high levels of accuracy, concentration and well-being is needed. When SKYWHITE’s® innovative lighting technology is used in conjunction with energy-efficienty universal tube drivers, an organization can also save 30-50% in energy costs.
As specialists in lighting products, EcoLiteco can help your organization acquire a new SKYWHITE® T8 lighting system or simply retrofit an old one. A SKYWHITE® T8 lighting solution can be implemented effortlessly with minimal upfront expense utilizing a company’s own personnel.  Instantly increase mood, accuracy, productivity, patronage and ultimately profits! Just experience the SKYWHITE® difference and you will never go back!
Why do we often feel blue on rainy days?  As studies have shown, daylight boosts human activity and promotes a feeling of well-being. Yet in most cases, the daylight entering a room through a window, along with supplemental artificial lighting, is not enough. The dynamics of an indoor lighting system has to be ideal at all times during the day or humans experience deficiencies in motivation and productivity. 
EcoLiteco can quickly help your organization eliminate these lighting deficiencies by bringing the positive effects of natural daylight indoors with our new Osram brand Lumilux SKYWHITE® “color-correct” lamps. These T8 lamps are not only affordable, but the will easily fit into any T8 ballast! This “daylight” technology is not available with LED lighting and comparable LED lighting cost three times as much. Ideal environments for 
See the World in a New Light
SKYWHITE® T8 Fluorescent Tubes are ideal for:
  • Restrooms, Isle Ways, Hallways and Stairwells
  • Police and Fire Department Dispatch Centers
  • Transportation Traffic Control Rooms
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing and Warehouse Distribution Centers
  • Home Improvement Stores
•  Offices and Cubicles
•  Restaurant Kitchens and Dinning Rooms
•  Classrooms
•  Grocery and Retail Stores
•  Medical Facilities and Pharmacies
•  Hotel and Resort Rooms and Facilities
•  Auditoriums and Convention Centers  
Sweber Shark24 RGB Chandelier
Sweber Jellyfih24 RGB Chandelier

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